Collections Updated #45 – [For-side] +20 sets

Added 20 sets to [For-side] Collection

Previews & DDL:

[For-side] 2007.05.18 Minako Komukai 小向美奈子 R21
[For-side] 2007.05.25 Ayano Yoshikawa 吉川綾乃 たわわちゃん
[For-side] 2007.06.01 Hiroko Sato 佐藤寛子 I Hold Nothing
[For-side] 2007.06.08 Mika Orihara 折原みか Love Potion
[For-side] 2007.06.15 Shoko Hamada 浜田翔子 いただきましょうーこ
[For-side] 2007.06.22 Mai Mizoguchi 溝口麻衣 Mai Self
[For-side] 2007.06.29 Yuu Tejima 手島優 がいっぱい
[For-side] 2007.07.06 Mariko Okubo 大久保麻梨子 Will
[For-side] 2007.07.13 Sayoko Ohashi 大橋沙代子 Makeover
[For-side] 2007.07.20 Nao Nagasawa 長澤奈央 Nao Mail
[For-side] 2007.07.27 Seira Yaguchi 矢口聖来 Princess Dolls
[For-side] 2007.08.03 Rina Nagasaki 長崎莉奈 What’s Up!
[For-side] 2007.08.10 Chinami Ishizaka 石坂ちなみ China~Winds
[For-side] 2007.08.17 Mayu Kurihara 栗原まゆ ふわまゆ
[For-side] 2007.08.24 Chise Nakamura 中村知世 Say Cheese!
[For-side] 2007.08.31 Yoko Matsugane 松金洋子 Ultimate
[For-side] 2007.09.07 Misako Yasuda 安田美沙子 Misako’s Basic
[For-side] 2007.09.14 Nozomi Araki 荒木のぞみ ミラクル☆パンチ のぞみ魂
[For-side] 2007.09.21 Nao Nagasawa 長澤奈央 Nao Mail 2
[For-side] 2007.09.28 Naomi I 井尚美 Dilemma

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